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WC954 Maintain an effective work environment (CHCORG405E)
WA Unit NumberWC954
Unit TitleMaintain an effective work environment
National Unit NumberCHCORG405E
 -About this Unit
DescriptorThis unit describes the knowledge and skills required to meet individual responsibilities within a work group
Unit Hours40
This unit has no pre-requisites
This unit has no co-requisites
 -Elements Of Competency/Learning Outcomes
1 - 1. Work to achieve identified outcomes
1. 1.1 Define and agree own work roles and responsibilities with appropriate people
10. the work of the organisation is promoted
11. 1.3 Where appropriate to work role, incorporate understanding of relevant legislation and awards into workplace practices and decisions
12. 1.4 Where relevant to work role, provide unpaid workers and others with appropriate training, briefing and supervision
13. 1.5 Where problems arise in meeting work plans, take appropriate action to re-negotiate or seek assistance
2. 1.2 Develop and implement work plans to ensure:
3. desired outcomes are achieved
4. objectives are met
5. agreed timeframes are met
6. compliance with relevant guidelines and procedures
7. contingencies are managed
8. duty of care responsibilities are met
9. ethical practice
2 - 2. Establish and maintain appropriate work relationships
1. 2.1 Use effective communication and interpersonal skills to ensure all workplace interactions contribute to achievement of organisation objectives and promotion of the community services industry
2. 2.2 Demonstrate consideration of the full range of individual and cultural differences in workplace relations
3. 2.3 Deal with any issues related to well being of work colleagues promptly and in accordance with organisation procedures
4. 2.4 Handle potential and actual conflicts in the workplace to minimise disruption
3 - 3. Facilitate operation of the workgroup
1. 3.1 Actively participate in all team processes to ensure team objectives are met
2. 3.2 Ensure individual responsibilities within team are achieved to identified standards and timeframes
3. 3.3 Appropriately inform individuals for whom you are responsible of workplace performance standards
4. 3.4 Develop and use range of own skills and knowledge as required to enhance team performance
5. 3.5 Apply appropriate effort to maximise effective communication and to ensure resolution of issues within the team and conflict
4 - 4. Review and develop own performance
1. 4.1 Regularly monitor own performance against workplans, organisation objectives and client needs
2. 4.2 Seek out and access opportunities for formal and informal development of skills and knowledge to optimise performance
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897176 - J026 - CU1209 - PSC (Connected to Course J026)
897287 - J044 - CU1209 - PSC (Connected to Course J044)
 -Unit Replaces
D8590 - Maintain an effective work environment